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Good Life Guide Mentorship Program 2024

The Kelso School District and Kelso Public Schools Foundation have worked together to create the "Good Life Guide" Mentorship Program to support 2024 Graduates as they transition to life after high school.  

The program focus is on an often-overlooked time period in students' transition to their post-secondary education or training: the summer after graduation and in the first year of their post-secondary experience. According to Harvard University research, many college/career-intending students - particularly those from low-income backgrounds - encounter a range of obstacles during their post-high school summer that can lead them to change or even abandon their postsecondary plans (Summer Melt). During this period students are no longer current members of their high school and have yet to become integrated into a program or college community, leaving them isolated from professional guidance and support to address summer specific challenges.

The "Good Life Guide" Mentorship Program will provide multiple strategies and support techniques to help guide graduates as they navigate the challenges they will face after graduation.

Kelso Public Schools Foundation:
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