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"Homework & Positive Start Room"

Linda Fashing
The grant will create a homework and positive start room before and after school in the Barnes Library Media Center. This will provide a safe, warm and relaxing space to read, complete homework and receive a healthy snack.




"Native American Representation in the Classroom Library"

Sheryl Forsman
The grant will purchase books that will become everyday reading materials for students to check out and share with their families. The goal is to have Native American children see themselves honorably represented in books and help stop the perpetuation of stereotypes and misconceptions found in older books.




“Catlin Stars Running Club”

Rhonda Jorgenson
The grant will support the Catlin Running Club intramural program that meets before school twice a week. Students are encouraged to stretch, walk and track their fitness progress. Awards of achievement and certificates are earned for students reaching their fitness goals.



“Promoting Reading In & Out of the Classroom”

Tara Micheletto
The grant will purchase “Scholastic Storyworks Jr” for a third-grade classroom at Catlin.  Students will receive 6 issues of the magazine covering both fiction and non-fiction concepts and standards.  Integrated digital supplements with videos, slide shows, and read-alouds will incorporate technology experiences in the classroom.



“Social Emotional Curriculum”

Erin Schumacher
The grant will expand resources for providing small group instruction around social skills.  The social thinking curriculum incorporates CASEL’s five core social emotional competencies which have become a focus district wide.




“Salmon Release Program”

Jennifer Echtle
The grant payed for teacher substitutes and expenses needed to take students to the Kalama Falls Hatchery for a tour.  During the hatchery tours students helped feed the salmon stock and participated in clipping or tagging salmon while being supervised by hatchery staff.




“Expo Markers: Increasing Student Engagement”

Grady Pearsall
The grant will purchase expo markers that students use twice a week in the classroom.  The markers used on whiteboards increases student engagement and provide an excellent format for informal assessment and instant feedback from the teacher.



“Read, Read and Read Some More!”

Lisa Caddel
The grant will purchase books for the 8th grade Language Arts students to promote pleasure reading. All students in the building are presenting and recommending books, the response has been amazing. The grant will go a long way toward meeting the reading needs of the students.



“Respect and Kindness Schoolwide Art Project”

Penelope DeSpain
The grant will help create a portable mural which reflects the schoolwide culture of kindness and respect.  Students will use key words and images to create a large-scale mural made up of smaller individual canvases.  The desired outcome is that all students will have the opportunity to participate and take ownership of these important components of HMS culture, and that students, staff, and visitors who enter the building will be reminded of HMS’s commitment to being kind and respectful to others.




“Adaptive Bike for Special Needs”

Cody Brogan
The KHS Special Education Track Team “Kelso Dream Team” will use the grant monies to purchase an adaptive tricycle to use at practice and track meets and purchase t-shirts to wear at events.  This will allow the special education students the ability to learn the social/emotional skills obtained during sports team participation.



“Equity in the Classroom”

Nancy Karnofski
The grant will purchase materials that will supplement courses being taught in the Special Education Department that are funded by in-kind donations and outdated Social Studies materials.  The project is designed to provide readiness skills for students with significant and moderate disabilities to have success in the general education and social studies classroom.



“Hilander Gear Start-Up Business”

Taylor Beck
The grant will fund a new start-up business of an apparel screen print shop called “Hilander Gear.” The monies will be used to purchase the Heat Press, Adobe Illustrator test run shirts and the screen prints needed to start the business.



“In the EARS and out the…Exam”

Shannon Quintano & Hilary Walther
The grant will purchase headsets that will allow special needs students to navigate their Chromebooks using google talk text. The headsets will enhance students learning experience and encourage independence for the real world.



“Kelso High School Counseling Center Website”

Kylie Chapman
The grant will purchase the “Website Combo Plan” needed to host the website.  The counseling center web page is used to inform students, staff, and parents of upcoming events, announcements, graduation requirements, contact information, scholarship applications and many more useful resources.



“NewsELA Teacher Pro Account”

Lisa Streissguth
The grant will allow teachers to use NewsELA to create vibrant digital reading experiences at varied and appropriately challenging reading levels for students to self-select. The goal is to engage students in immersive texts which expand thinking and encourage reading.



“Suicide Prevention/ Awareness”

Taylor Beck
The grant will educate and empower students to create a suicide prevention campaign and promote mental health and self-care. The project will attempt to end the stigma associated with seeking help and teach the importance of speaking up when students hear someone is struggling.




“Little Home Library”

Ashley Lowry
The grant will provide each student with a book a month that they could then store in a special Little Home Library bin. The goal is to foster a love of reading, provide families with a variety of books, and do this at no cost to the students or their families.




“KSD Truancy Program”

Rhonda Jorgenson
Currently 120 to 150 students have a truancy petition filed with juvenile court and have barriers that cause chronic absenteeism. The grant will provide refreshments for truancy workshops and basic school supplies for those students to try and end the cycle of absenteeism.



“Parents Social & Emotional Gifted Support Lending Library”

Deena McGhee
Parents of the districts gifted children have expressed an overwhelming need for more parenting information and resources to help support a gifted student. The grant will fund additional resources (written material) to share, that is not currently available through the district.

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